Recruitment Process

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The first step in the process is to complete and submit an up-to-date CV.

Your CV should provide details of your academic qualifications, work experience (including dates of employment), outside interests etc and should also demonstrate why you believe you are an ideal candidate for the advertised position and why you are interested in joining Geoghegans.

On receipt of your CV we will appraise the candidates and you may be invited to attend a first interview at our office.The interview will be attended by a Partner of the firm and there may be another member of staff present depending on the position advertised.The first interview usually lasts approximately one hour.

During the first interview you will be asked to expand on your CV and explain why you are interested in the job being advertised.You will also be given an opportunity to find out more about Geoghegans and discuss your goals and aspirations and the advertised position in more detail.

To be successful, the majority of experienced hire positions will require a second interview.This may involve the attendance of a second Partner or different member of staff at the interview. You will be invited to see round our offices and to meet with other members of staff outwith the formal interview on a one-to-one basis.