Capital Gains Tax

Capital gains tax is one area of taxation that most people will have to consider at some point in their life.

The rules are constantly changing, for example:

  • the introduction of Entrepreneur’s Relief coupled with the demise of business taper relief moved the goalposts when it comes to planning the timing of a disposal and, indeed, the rate at which the gain will be taxed.
  • well trodden tax strategies for share disposals such as ‘bed and breakfasting’ are now a thing of the past.

On the positive side, tax schemes such as the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) can offer significant tax incentives to certain investors which may, in part, mitigate potential chargeable gains arising in the future.

Whether you are considering selling land, property, a business or simply selling some shares that you have held for a while, our specialist tax team has the technical expertise and practical experience necessary to help minimise your capital gains tax liabilities. We are also here to advise on any changes in the legislation which may impact on the financial return resulting from the disposal of your capital assets.

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