Audit & Assurance

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An audit is not about an invasion or intrusion, it is about providing senior management and shareholders with the assurance and advice they are seeking.

Our audit and assurance services are continually changing to meet the demands of our clients and ensure compliance with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements, financial reporting requirements and International Standards on Auditing. Our independent status and strong commitment to the owner-managed business and charity sectors mean that we are well placed to deliver specialist, high quality audit and assurance services to our clients.

We place significant emphasis on audit training, monitoring audit quality and staff continuity to ensure that our excellent service levels are delivered to a consistently high standard at all times. Our audit client base includes small and medium sized corporate entities and groups, limited liability partnerships, unincorporated partnerships, regulated professional practices, registered charities, pension schemes and the not-for-profit sector.

Our Audit and Assurance Services include:

  • Statutory & non-statutory audit
  • Internal audit
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Risk management
  • Financial sector reviews
  • Grants & economic incentives

Contact Iain Binnie or Paul Marshall to find out more about our audit and assurance services.